Our Mission

Water Project for Haiti (WPH) is a faith-based organization committed to improving the quality of life for Haitians by producing, distributing, and installing household water treatment solutions and supporting the installation of household water treatment solutions by like-minded organizations. At WPH, we work with Haitians to bring clean, safe water to their communities.


Our Vision

Helping to end the water crisis in Haiti by providing long-term, self-sustaining potable and affordable water solutions to the people of Haiti.


Our Core Values

  • Value all members of the team
  • Respect the people of Haiti and their culture
  • Create partnerships with like-minded organizations and vendors
  • Sustainability for the environment, the staff, and the project
  • Careful stewardship of human, natural, and financial resources


Charity Headquarters

Water Project for Haiti is an Okanagan Valley organization, based in Vernon BC, that provides water management solutions to the people of Haiti.

Tel: (808) 679-8189 (Board)
Fax: (866) 318-6598
Website: www.waterprojectforhaiti.com

Tel:  (509) 4316-1025 (Haiti)